Don Pablo Coffee Review

don pablo coffee review


  • On-demand small batch roasting
  • Perfect for drip machines, French press, and cold brewing
  • AIB and CCOF certifications
  • Affordable even without a Don Pablo Coffee coupon
  • Plenty of grind and bag size options


  • Inconsistent roasting
  • Not suitable for certain brew styles

Don Pablo has been around since 1989 and is among the most popular coffee brands for everyday enjoyment. The brand offers dozens of 100% Arabica blends grown in South America and across the globe, roasted with love and an in-depth understanding of what makes coffee taste great. It's a family-owned business focused on delivering an outstanding experience in every cup to every caffeine lover (or those unlucky ones stuck with decaf). The Signature blend is among the best-sellers, but Subtle Earth organic coffee has its fair share of fans. And Bourbon infused beans are a special treat!

We love that Don Pablo is available in 12 oz, 2-pound, and 5-pound bags, so you can try it out before stocking up for the whole family. Besides, most blends are available in whole bean form and several grind options, including espresso, drip, French press, pour-over, and cold brew. There are even single-cup pod options! Stay with us for the length of this Don Pablo Coffee review to learn if it's the right choice for you.

Who Is This Coffee For?

It's perfect for everyday java drinkers, whether you prefer an instant caffeine kick in the morning or with lunch. Thanks to a combination of Latin American Arabica, most blends taste smooth and velvety, without overwhelming toastiness or acidity, unless you go with extra dark or light roasts. According to Don Pablo Coffee reviews, this brand is perfect for keeping in your pantry on regular rotation, but it's by no means a gourmet option.

What Makes Don Pablo Coffee Beans Special?

Whether you enjoy the month-tingling acidity of a light roast or the biting smokiness of the dark roast, you'll appreciate the freshness of the beans. The company boasts slow on-demand roasting in small batches, meaning your coffee doesn't collect dust in the warehouses but gets shipped to your doorstep freshly roasted and ready to be ground and enjoyed. We've found a Cafe Don Pablo Coffee review or two claiming roasting inconsistencies, but not a single complaint about the beans' overall quality.

Overview of the Beans

The majority of Arabica beans in Don Pablo blends are grown in Colombia, Brazil, and Honduras, though some are shipped from India, Indonesia, Africa, and other respectable coffee growing destinations. The high-altitude, shade-grown beans are renowned for their nuanced flavor and caramel notes. Moreover, AIB Food Safety and CCOF Organic Production certifications mean the beans are grown without harmful chemicals, so they are safe for your health and the planet. And if you're looking for decaf, you'll be happy to learn that Don Pablo relies on the safe Swiss Water Process to lower caffeine content. 

How to Use

You can try Don Pablo java with any brewing method, but some deliver outstanding results, while others... don't. We loved the French pressed Signature Blend, and it tastes great in your good-old drip machine. Even cold brew and Aeropress provide solid results for some blends. We don't recommend pour-over, and espresso has a 50/50 chance of tasting delicious depending on whether you choose the right variety and grind setting.


If you love Don Pablo and want to try another smooth and velvety brand, Costa Coffee is a great place to start. It's Rainforest Alliance certified, freshly roasted, and ground to perfection. If you want more of a kick to your cuppa, Koffee Kult is your best bet. Their blends are renowned for their strength and bold flavor palette. Still, each bag of the eye-opening beans is more expensive than both Don Pablo and Costa Coffee options.


Is Don Pablo the best coffee you'll ever taste? Only you can be the judge of that! If you love the best Colombian coffee beans, enjoy a pleasant, mellow cuppa that doesn't overwhelm your senses, it's worth a taste. Once you do, you'll likely want to have a bag in your pantry at all times because good beans tend to run out fast. As always, we recommend buying whole beans and grinding right before brewing for the best flavor. Proper storage in an airtight container far from direct sunlight is also in order. 


Where to Buy Don Pablo Coffee?

You can find it in a local Costco or Walmart, and if you prefer online shopping for Don Pablo Coffee, Amazon and the official website are great places to buy a single bag or set up a monthly subscription.

How Much Caffeine Does Cafe Don Pablo Decaf Coffee Have?

The Swiss Water Processed coffee by Don Pablo retains no more than 0,01% of its initial caffeine content.

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